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In conjunction with our window actuators our control units can allow you have full

control of the windows and vents within your building or home. Using our range of

plugins and inputs you can set a window to open/close in the event of smoke, rain,

or wind detection. Whilst also having the function to manually control your windows

via a wall switch or remote. Contact our technical department for further information.



Naturally ventilate your building or home using our range of natural ventilation

control systems. Using a central control unit you can plug in a variety of inputs

to control your windows however you like. Automatic inputs range from rain

sensors, wind sensors, and thermostat control. You also have the function for

manual operation via a low level wall switch or radio remote control.



Automate your stairwells, smoke shafts, lobbies and corridors using our advanced

smoke control systems. Our control panels are compatible with a variety of inputs

including manual call points, break glass units, smoke sensors and fire alarm

systems. In the event of smoke detection the panel can either send a signal to

the actuator to open or close. In the event of power failure our systems will work on

battery backup for up to 72 hours. Further details available by email.



Manually operate your windows / actuators using our manual call points. Open

or close using a low level wall switch or handheld remote control. These types

of control devices can also be used as inputs for our more advanced natural

ventilation systems to enable both automatic and manual control.